«GISAP: Psychological Sciences» is a new journal tightly connected with implementation of scientific-analytical projects of the IASHE and directly interacting with international scientific communities of various countries. In this regard now the journal is at the stage of scientometric indexation instruments widening.

Development of formants of citation and professional indexation of reports is one of the foreground tasks of the journal editorial policy.

The journal is now being registered in the following international scientometric databases: Current Indexing >>. Registration in ProQuest, Scopus and Web of Science will be launched in the nearest future.

Besides, materials are stored in the preliminary archive of the international scientometric database Socrates-Impulse. Database is being built by specialists of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education at the moment. More information about the database is available here:

Materials of the journal are presented in the International Scientometric Databases and Libraries. All International Scientometrics Databases are listed below.