Dear authors, before submitting your materials (report, article) and making payment for the publication, please read principles of four editorial policy and publishing ethics as well as requirements to articles.

The editorial reserves the right not to accept materials and send it back for improvement if any of the officially announced requirements are not met.

Persons, claiming for publication of their studies in the journal, are divided into the following categories of participants of the GISAP project and authors of scientific researches:

a) participants of research analytics championships of the GISAP;

b) authors of individually reviewed scientific studies.

Alternative statuses of scientific studies subject to publication in the journal:

a) report or an article, presented in the research analytics championship of the GISAP;

b) report or an article, presented in the status of the reviewed publication.

Materials subject to publication in the journal are author's scientific studies  presented in English or in other widespread (acknowledged as widespread) languages of international communication and also in other languages providing wide range of persons with their understanding (in such cases materials must be accompanied by extended summaries (abstracts) in English). Materials may have 2 alternative statuses:

1) Researches presented within the GISAP project and having the following characteristics: a) meeting the requirements of the GISAP project; b) must be presented for participation and publication in research analytics championships, held under the auspices of the IASHE; c) high quality of reports is confirmed by ranking assessment of the expert council of the relevant championship and professional representatives of the open international expert community (within joint professional assessment by the international team of participants of sectoral championships);

2) Reviewed scientific studies corresponding to the following characteristics: a) compliance with technical requirements of the IASHE; b) purposeful presentation for publication in the journal; c) verification of the professional level of studies by positive reviews of not less than three international experts of the IASHE

Basic conditions for publication of scientific studies in the IASHE publications:

a) original nature of scientific studies, with no admission of plagiarism elements;

b) high qualitative level and professional reasonableness of contents of scientific studies, meeting the requirements, officially declared by the IASHE;

c) technical characteristics of designing and the way of presentation of the scientific study, as well as materials enclosed - must correspond to requirements of the IASHE;

d) volume of the scientific study, corresponding to the requirements of the IASHE;

e) timeliness of presentation of the scientific study for the preparation of its publication and inclusion into the list of materials of the relevant issue;

f) existence of necessary information concerning authors of scientific studies, accompanying the materials, intended for publication;

g) presentation of the scientific study in grammatically correct English or in other widespread (acknowledged as widespread) languages of international communication and also in other languages providing wide range of persons with their understanding;

h) compliance with the generally accepted standards of ethics and tolerance in the presentation of original ideas by authors;

i) existence of extended abstract of the article in English, explaining main characteristics of the study;

j) existence of the innovative abstract of the article contents, presented in parameters stated by the IASHE, describing authors innovations presented in the text and intended for the mass distribution through informational channels;

k) payment for the publication (including compensation of administrative, organizational and expert expenses of the IASHE, actual production costs (taking into account costs for the number of issues requested by the author and their shipping (if necessary)) by the author or any other interested person.